About Kirsten Meriwether


Growing up in the Northwest with an artistic father, I created art as a child, but did not start painting until about ten years ago. I started out by taking classes from other artists and attending life drawing studios.

My main medium is watercolor, but I also use oil, acrylic and ink. Recently I’ve experienced my work evolving into a more abstract representation of subject matter, with an emphasis on design. Living here in Southern Oregon, I am especially interested in my surroundings and all the visual variety there is for an artist.  

Although it’s a bit challenging here in the Rogue Valley, I do love to get outside and paint. It’s very stimulating and freeing.


There is always something to see, and if the weather gets too bad I can always pack up and finish in my studio. There is just nothing like being outside and painting from life. I also enjoy the camaraderie of painting with my fellow artists.

Painting animals has been a theme of mine throughout the years. They are so interesting and display many human personality traits. Most recent works include subject matter which is readily available in my surroundings, such as chickens and goats. Alongside the animals, I am currently working on a series of household items that I find visually fascinating.


My education includes, but is not limited to, studying in Southern California with Ruth Ellen Hoag and Susan Fridley.

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